Warning: Before registering, make sure that the program works properly. Registering does not change how any part of the program works, it only removes the 30-day trial. Only register after verifying that the program runs properly.
Important: Registration is per computer. Each computer has a unique serial number and therefore needs to be registered individually. A registration code made for one computer will NOT work on another computer. If you have any questions about registration, contact us
Credit Card / PayPal

To register using a credit card or PayPal, select the program name from the list below and enter the serial number found on the register screen of the program. Then click the register button below and follow the payment instructions on the next screen.
NOTE: It may take a day or two for us to process your registration and send your password to you. Please be patient.

Non Profit: Schools, churches, personal use
For Profit: Rinks, stadiums, etc.
Purchase For:
Scoreboards and ChronoTimer: Click here to register your scoreboard or ChronoTimer
Program Name:
Serial Number:
Where Did You Hear About Us:

To register by mail, send a money order or check made payable to Software Technologies LLC for the price of the program to the address below. Please include the name of the program, the version number, the serial code, and your email address.  We will then email you your program password.

Software Technologies LLC
16105 Swingley Ridge Rd #746
Chesterfield, MO 63017

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